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Career Nights

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Interactive Webinars

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KW Real Estate Schools, Inc. is a student-centric premier source for pre-licensing courses per the requirements to sit for the California Real Estate License State Exam. Our approach to bundling course packages is with you in mind. You receive a live 1-Day Prep course, 1100+ state exam practice questions, and everything you need to be fully prepared to pass your state exam. Our instructors are actively working licensed real estate professionals with extensive teaching credentials who truly care about your success.


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Be an inspiration to others! Today you may be on the threshold of your new career, and within just a few short months, your life could change for the better. We care a great deal about our students achieving their goals and it shows in the personal testimonials given below. Your success is our success and we are proud to share that our continued growth comes from people like you referring us to your friends and family. Share your amazing story of accomplishment so you can be an inspiration to others!

Meet the Team


Jennifer Brown

Team Leader

Originally choosing a career in real estate to be able to take care of her family, Jennifer Brown discovered she was good at teaching and enjoyed it immensely. Fast forward twenty some years and she still loves the business. Because Jennifer has worked as an agent and broker and in all areas of a real estate office, she understands what works and what doesn’t. Now as the Team Leader at the Keller Williams Whittier Market Center, she’s able to share that knowledge to help agents move forward in their careers. 

“I love helping agents grow and achieve their next level of success. Doing so provides them a fulfilling life,” says Jennifer. “I especially enjoy working with mid-level agents to help them get out of their own way by showing them how to work more efficiently and effectively.”  Jennifer focuses on working with the agent to benefit them, not for the benefit of the company. When agents achieve what they wanted, that has the greatest meaning to me. Yet, when the agent succeeds, so does the company. So it’s a win/win/win. 

When not working, Jennifer enjoys reading, spending time with her three dogs and her family doing DIY projects.


Catherine McCloud

Productivity Coach

Catherine McCloud is currently the Productivity Coach and Agent Mentor for Keller Williams (“KW”) Real Estate Market Center in Whittier, CA.  In this role Catherine guides newly licensed Real Estate agents on the steps to achieve a successful career path, and has mentored numerous Real Estate Agents over the past 25 years.  In addition to these mentorships, she also currently manages an expanding team of Agent Mentors who are collectively training and mentoring up to 20 newly licensed Real Estate Agents for the KW Whittier office at any given time. Catherine created a pilot program for the KW Whittier Market Center which enhances the training, to expose new Agents in handling the complexities associated in working with homeowners facing foreclosure and distressed property transactions 

Catherine holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, has been a licensed Realtor in the state of California for over 25 years, and has previously owned and managed her own Realty Office alongside her late husband.  Her extensive experience working with Sellers, Buyers and Investors, while training new Agents, also includes purchasing and re-selling investment properties, and a “pre” real estate career in mortgage lending through a major banking institution.   

Catherine desires to continue her passion and enthusiasm for training others in the real estate field, by teaching Real Estate courses to individuals seeking their own opportunities for development, growth and success through a career in real estate.  

Career Night

Did you know that 75% of real estate agents quit within their first year and within just 5 years, 87% of agents will be out of the business? That means only 13 agents out of 100 will still be in the business 6 years from the day they start! Why do you suppose that is? What can you do to stack the odds in your favor of being a success and creating the kind of life you dream of?

The best use of time during your first few steps at the beginning of your journey is to ask the leadership team at a Keller Williams office near you real world questions. Get started on your journey by sharing your contact information below to receive a personal invitation to our next Career Night event.