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KW Real Estate Schools, Inc. is a student-centric premier source for pre-licensing real estate courses per the requirements to sit for the California Real Estate License State Exam. Our approach to bundling course packages is with you in mind. You receive a live 1-Day Prep course to help you obtain your license!

100% Reimbursement

Participating franchises reimburse you 100% of the real estate class cost from your first closing.

Career Day & Night Discount

Up to a $100 discount towards your courses after signing up for a Career Day & Night!

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We invite anyone to come check out school for the night to get a feel for the value we provide driven and passionate aspiring Real Estate agents. Visit us today to let us know you’re joining, drop-bys are welcome any Monday.


Career Day & Night

Our school has an extremely high career rate because we have been in your shoes. We are not driven by having you pass the exam. We want you to take it a step further and build a dream in real estate – that’s what we’re passionate about. Come to career night to learn how to launch a business worth owning.

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