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Michigan Principles and Practices

The Michigan Real Estate Principles and Practices online course provides comprehensive coverage of the topics required for prospective Michigan real estate salespersons. The content meets the 40-hour pre-licensing curriculum requirements as set forth by the State of Michigan, including four hours on civil rights and fair housing. The lessons cover topic areas such as Michigan real estate license law, agency, state and federal laws, relationships with clients and employing brokers, property law, financing, contract law, appraisal, environmental issues, and real estate closings. The course mixes presentation of facts, concepts, math, key terms, and real-life examples to illustrate the topics being taught, as well as activities and quizzes for self-assessment. Each lesson includes a required lesson quiz that students must pass before continuing to the next lesson. There is also a comprehensive 100-question final exam.



Introduction to the Real Estate Business

Real Property and the Law

Fair Housing

Interests in Real Estate

Forms of Real Estate Ownership

Land Description

Transfer of Title

Title Records

Real Estate Brokerage

Real Estate Agency

Client Representation Agreements

Real Estate Contracts

Real Estate Taxes and Other Liens

Real Estate Financing

Government Involvement in Real Estate Financing

Real Estate Appraisal

Closing the Real Estate Transaction


Property Management

Land-Use Controls and Property Development

Environmental Issues and the Real Estate Transaction

Investing in Real Estate

Specific Michigan Interpretations of National Topics

Duties and Powers of the Department and the Board

Licensing Requirements

Statutory Requirements Governing the Activities of Licensees

Contractual Relationships

Additional State Topics

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