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It’s important to now decide which course program is best suited for you and offers a learning environment that sets you up for success.  


If you are a Visual and/or Auditory learner then the Group Study coaching program is ideal, and if you are a Reading/Writing learner then our Fast Track online program is for you. 

It’s time to navigate your way to the “My Courses” drop down menu and select your course program to learn more about package details and enroll online. 

Complete Your California Real Estate License Program

The state requires 135 hours of pre-license course training by the Department of Real Estate (DRE) approved college level real estate courses. You can complete your online Fast Track courses in as soon as 54 days, or the unlimited Group Study coaching in-class/live stream program in as soon as 12 weeks. Our two different packages both include California Real Estate Principles, Practice, and Legal Aspects of Real Estate Law for our courses 


Each course consists of online chapter quizzes that you will advance through in a linear module fashion. To pass this entire course, you will have 150 minutes to take and pass an open book, 100 question multiple choice final exam taken online with a score of 60% or better. 

At the conclusion of your last course, we will email a certificate certifying all courses have been completed.  


As you are working on your courses we recommend you complete your Livescan (electronic finger prints) by completing the form RE 237. Processing time with the department of justice is approximately 2 – 3 weeks. To find a location, search “live scan near me” for a live scan operator. 


Note: You no longer need to show proof of legal presence, see SB1159. 

Apply for License and State Exam

Now that you've completed all your course work, it is time complete the application process. 

When you schedule a 1:1 DRE application appointment with us we will print out all the necessary forms and certificate required for submission 

First, you'll need to complete form RE 435A to apply for the salesperson license and state examination. Second, you'll need to print and complete the instructions on form RE 237 to get your finger prints doneThird, we suggest you include a credit card authorization form RE909 for charging the application fees. 

  • For DRE licensing fees, click here 

  • For checking up to date processing times, check here. 

With processing times taking up to 8 weeks it is wise to have a second pair of eyes auditing your application before mailing to avoid mistakes and having to begin the application process over again.  

Time to Study

While you wait for your State Exam test date for up to as long as 8 weeks, this would be the optimal time to study and practice the 1100+ Final Briefing Exam practice questions as well as reviewing key concepts and hot topics. This can be done by selecting 10-12 practice questions to answer daily until you are self-passing at 90% and study the Glossary terms. You cannot pass a question if you do not understand the word. Read the glossary and make sure you understand each definition.  


If you are a Group Study student you have unlimited access to continue attending our weekly coaching sessionsall students have unlimited access to attend our 1-Day Prep live courses until you are ready and confident to test. The best strategy for passing the state examination is to take the 1-Day Prep Course as close to your test date as possible (24-48 hours) and an early am test appointment is optimal 

Take the Real Estate License Exam

You have 3 hours and 15 minutes to answer 150 multiple choice questions and you will need a score of 70% or better to pass. 


If you are not familiar with the test site location, drive to it before your test date to familiarize yourself with the location and parking.  

  • Make sure that you know the correct day and time for your exam.  

  • Get plenty of sleep the night before your test.  

  • Make sure you have plenty of gas in your car.  

  • Set your alarm and have a backup alarm set as well.  

  • Dress comfortably and in layers (in case it is too cold or too warm at the test site).  

  • Eating before the test will give you energy avoiding heavy foods that will make you groggy. 


Plan to arrive at the test site early.  

  • Do not talk to other candidates before the exam  

  • Go to the bathroom before walking into the exam room.  

  • Relax  

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