Your Starting Point to Success

Build your career, life, and future in real estate by first attending an insightful career event like no other—and it’s free.

The world of real estate is a massive and constantly changing industry. From lack of proper guidance, many individuals miss their glowing opportunity to become a licensed agent toward developing the flourishing lifestyle they seek.

Luckily, we are here to be an educational foundation for you and your future. Before you dive into enrollment and begin your training head-on, we highly encourage you to come say hello and find out more at our virtual Career Day event.

What Is It?

Career Day is a unique, interactive discussion, led by licensed professionals who are enthusiastic about sharing their years of experience with curious, like-minded entrepreneurs like you. These live webinars are designed to be welcoming and helpful to all individuals from all backgrounds. With the variety of dates and times we offer, you’ll find the perfect slot for your schedule and hopefully find your solution in us. 

Why Real Estate?

If you’re pursuing a career change or desire an extra source of income, getting into real estate could be your next life-changing solution. As a licensed agent, you’re essentially working for yourself! You have the ability to set your own schedule, choose your own deals, operate in the area you desire and most importantly, make a prosperous living.  


All of our students have different motivations for choosing real estate and that’s the beauty of it. Real estate is a massive industry that is suitable for all kinds of skills, techniques, and personalities. It is the foundation of success for everyone involved and could even be the start of something new for you. 

Who is the BEST for Real Estate?

Real estate is a fitting career for all individuals from all backgrounds. We find that the following are the BEST to be considered a perfect candidate for a successful real estate agent:


Those who are facing a lifestyle change, divorced, or just independent and motivated are great self-starters for entering real estate and becoming a boss of their own.


It’s an ideal situation if a partner is considering a lifestyle change and both of you get into real estate at the same time because you’re looking to own a family business. Compared to single folks, costs to start a franchise are very low.


Those who are used to taking care of other people’s needs and helping them solve their problems when they need it because it helps them build relationships with clients.

Military/First Responders

Having experience in leading others or being led while following a structured system or model is a strong foundation in becoming an amazing real estate agent.

Sales Experience

Real estate already loves people with sales experience. You know how to communicate effectively with clients, make deals, and negotiate.

The criteria itself is not very strict because real estate welcomes a variety of individuals who are simply looking for that next step in their life. Nonetheless, you’ll receive the training necessary to help you become a well-rounded agent.

Your Questions Answered

There is no limit to exploring real estate and all it has to offer. By attending one of our live webinars, you’ll be able to ask an assortment of questions and get immediate, honest responses to the following:

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and ask your own questions either, this is your time to discover how you can fit in the world of real estate.


When you attend one of our interactive Career Day events to meet with experienced agents and learn more about the endless possibilities in real estate, you will be gifted with this generous discount.


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What if I’m ready to enroll?

If you’re ready for us, then we’re ready for you. Let’s get you started with onboarding and put you on your way to your successful Broker career!