Student Manuals

The best way to follow along with Group Study

Select the book required for your enrolled course. You can buy one or more of them individually or by bundle and available in PDF digital or physical formats.



Student Manual: $25 - $75

This supplemental Student Manual set of 12 is the stduent version of the power point presentation used by the live online instructor.

This helpful study guide includes an answerkey in the back of the book and fillable fields for key points addressed in class by the instructor. This tool was developed over the years and based on the training material used in teaching the Group Study 12 week course program.

Our student manual is optional and not a required for class. 

What if I’m ready to enroll?

If you’re ready for us, then we’re ready for you! You can always come back to attend Career Day in the future. For right now, let’s get you started with onboarding and put you on your way to success.