Why Couples Make Terrific Real Estate Teams

February is the month of love and a great time to consider working with the one you adore. Real estate teams are more common than ever and many couples are finding success.

Are you and your spouse considering a new career? Or is one of you already an experienced real estate agent, looking to bring your partner along for the ride? If you love spending time with your Sweetheart, why not take your together time to the next level by pairing up in real estate?

If you’re ready to take real estate courses, KW Real Estate School has got you covered. You can access our recently upgraded student portal, on any device, so you and your spouse can snuggle up and learn together.

Benefits of Teams                             

Real estate partnerships offer many benefits and couples bring a unique dynamic to the industry. When you work with your spouse, you’ve got:

  • Built-in Mentorship and Camaraderie– If one of you is already an experienced salesperson, the other will receive free training and leadership. At the same time, the newer person can bring fresh eyes and new ideas to the business. It’s easy to share ideas, problem-solve, and encourage your team-mate when you already have a close relationship.
  • Complimentary Skills – Partners can bring different skill sets and experiences to the table. Each of you can specialize in different niches to widen your client base and increase the number of people you can serve. Often one spouse is more of a big picture thinker, while the other is more meticulous. Maybe one of you prefers face-to-face communication while the other likes being behind the scenes. As a team, you can use your strengths, likes, and dislikes to divide tasks like telephone communication, meetings, lead generation, advertising, showings, negotiation, technology, and administrative tasks.
  • Larger Sphere of Influence – If you and your spouse are coming from previous careers, both of you may have contacts from which to draw leads as well as connections in other services such as trades, to recommend to clients.
  • Safety and De-escalation – Occasionally, one of you may not be comfortable going to a property or dealing with a specific client on your own. Acting as a couple solves the problem. If communication becomes strained or heated, often partners with differing personality strengths can bring peace to the situation.
  • Amazing Customer Service – Husbands and wives often have different ways of seeing situations and dealing with people. Sharing the workload can relieve some pressure and two heads are better than one. Whether you do things together or decide to divide and conquer, two people can be extra attentive to clients and make them feel important.

You’ll want to define roles and responsibilities clearly before you start out and evaluate them regularly. Keep an open line of communication and remember to set boundaries to ensure you spend some “no business allowed” time together.

Ready to Enroll?

Are you and your spouse ready to get started on your new team adventure?

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