Why Community Involvement is Important in Real Estate

With specialized knowledge and access to information, real estate agents can be very positive partners in their communities. Due to the nature of their business, realtors often have their fingers on the pulse of the neighborhoods where they sell, especially if they also live in the area. 

Last month, we talked about how people can contribute to their communities by donating to those in need or taking time to help. This month, we are talking about how real estate agents can use their experience, skills, and passions to make a difference where they live. 

You Can Make a Difference in Your Community 

Since realtors meet so many people, they have great potential to understand where there are needs. Whether they are contacting local businesses, finding information from government offices, or lobbying for neighborhood causes, they make important community connections and can become influential leaders, through their business activities. 

As a result, many real estate agents have specific information about how their communities’ function and often come across individuals or organizations that need help. Independently and through their brokerages, realtors often respond to those needs in many ways. Look around in your community. Chances are you will find real estate agents who: 

  • Give a part of their commission through partnerships with children’s hospitals, animal rescue, or other local causes 
  • Organize food drives or holiday dinners 
  • Coach or sponsor children’s sports teams 
  • Serve in community faith-based ministries such as youth groups 
  • Partner up with other services like lawyers or mortgage brokers to offer workshops, webinars, or print information (Examples: Downsizing for Seniors, Preparing for Home Ownership for Millennials, or Real Estate Investing)  
  • Start or get involved with change initiatives such as affordable housing or helping the homeless 
  • Serve in public office or on school councils 

Pay close attention to your family, your clients’ families, and other people in the community. What needs do you see? If you are a real estate agent or would like to become one, how can you help in your community? 

You Can Benefit Your Realtor Community 

Often, you can build a better community, just by being kind to those around you. Never underestimate the power of your words or your actions as you work with clients and colleagues. 

  • Be friendly to everyone you meet 
  • As you gain experience, offer to mentor within your brokerage 
  • Foster a spirit of cooperation rather than competition 
  • Participate in the leadership of your local or state real estate association  

Building Communities Helps Build Your Business 

Community involvement is very fulfilling, but it can also help you build your brand and your network. People who remember seeing you at neighborhood events may be more likely to call for real estate advice because your name or face is top of mind. 

While building your brand shouldn’t be your sole for volunteering in the community, it can help you build trust and develop relationships that could lead to new business. 

Do You Have Questions About a Career in Real Estate?  

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