Speaking of Spring: Refreshing Your Home and Your Career

Across the country, and here in California, the real estate market is hot! The global pandemic slowed things down for a short time, in the early days, but since then, we are seeing homes selling like hotcakes! With high demand and continued low mortgage interest rates, this trend isn’t expected to go away any time soon. In fact, Zillow is predicting 2021 will have the highest real estate sales since 2005.

If you’ve got real estate on your mind, this is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and dive into spring cleaning. Getting rid of junk, sprucing things up, and deep cleaning is a great way to begin staging your home when you’re ready to list your property for sale.

Spring cleaning
Spring cleaning

Refreshing Your Home in the Spring

Even if you plan to stay put, spring always has a way of motivating us to clean, organize, and refresh our homes. Get started with these four spring cleaning tips.

1. Break Seasonal Chores Down

Spring cleaning feels daunting! Don’t try to do it all at once or you’ll be overwhelmed.

Try breaking large jobs into groups. If you’re ready to declutter, you could start purging one room at a time. If you’re working on seasonal cleaning, vacuum all the ceiling fans before moving on to scrubbing windows.

When you focus on small jobs, you’ll feel a greater sense of accomplishment as you finish each one. You’ll also have less mess throughout the house if something interrupts you partway through the job — which is almost guaranteed.

2. Get Everyone Involved in Spring Cleaning

Grandma always said, “Many hands make light work”. Even young children can take part with age-appropriate jobs. Since everyone has different preferences and jobs they don’t mind doing, allow each person to choose the first few tasks.

If you’re single, enlist the help of friends and family and return the favor. Open the windows, crank the music, and make it fun! Cleaning isn’t so bad when you’re not doing it alone.

3. Create a House Cleaning Checklist

Checklists are great all year long. They help keep you focused, it feels good to check items off, and they prevent you from forgetting anything important. Check out these Martha Stewart cleaning checklists to keep you on-task throughout the year.

If you divide your cleaning into daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal tasks, you might find the job isn’t as overwhelming as you expected it to be.

4. Consider Local Charities

As you clean and declutter, think about how you can help others in your community.

Instead of selling goods on local marketplaces, maybe you can donate to people in need. If you do sell items, perhaps you could give a portion of your proceeds to local charity organizations.

Starting real estate career
New Career

Refreshing Your Career This Spring

Maybe you’re doing some cleanup in other areas of your life too. In the spring, everything seems to feel new. It’s a great time to take stock and see how you’re doing with those New Year’s goals.

If your plans include starting a new career, KW Real Estate Schools, Inc. can help you launch into a brand new, exciting future as a real estate agent.

If you’re an independent learner, try our online self-paced Fast Track program. We’ve also got a Group Study program if you prefer classroom or interactive webinar interaction and discussion in the learning process. These options also include 1100+ Prep practice exam questions and a full-day, live class to help you prepare for the California Real Estate license examination.

Register now and you could be up and running in time to take advantage of the booming Spring/Summer real estate market. If you’re not in a hurry and life throws you a curve ball, we also offer enrollment extensions so you can take the time you need to finish your training successfully.

If you’ve been checking your list and need to cross off continuing education credits or becoming a broker, we’ve got you covered there too. Whether you’re starting fresh, or upgrading your skills, we’ve got the courses you need.

We’re Also Thinking About Charities This Spring

Let’s face it. Covid-19 has affected a lot of people financially. We’re taking this opportunity to give back to the community and help those in need.

Now is the perfect time to register. For every March 2021 enrollment in a real estate license program, we’ll donate 5% to the San Diego Food Bank. Now that’s something to feel good about!