Key Tips on Launching Your Real Estate Career

Are you ready to get your real estate license? It’s going to be an exciting journey.  

There are some things that you should do before you dive into your business. These tips will help you prepare ahead of time so you’re completely ready when the time comes. 

Cultivate Your Entrepreneurial Energy 

Are you motivated to be successful? Are you a self-starter with plenty of energy to spare? The real estate industry is full of surprises, and constantly changing, so you’ll need to be able to learn on the fly and know where to find answers quickly. Keep on top of current events and market trends so you can be prepared for any situation.  

Do you want to make sure real estate is the career for you, before jumping in with both feet? Ask our licensed real estate professionals all your burning questions at the next Career Day event. 

How to succeed in real estate
New Real Estate Agent Staying Organized

Get Organized 

Like any small business, real estate involves a lot of paperwork, especially as you get busier. Keeping on top of your phone calls, email, and calendar is just the beginning. 

Familiarize yourself with your deal management system so you can enter data quickly and know what information you need to collect from your clients. 

You’ll also want to start using a client relationship management system (CRM) right out of the gate. This could be a simple spreadsheet or a monthly software subscription with all the bells and whistles. Either way, it will help you keep in touch with your clients, at every stage of the sales process, and build your future business. 

And don’t forget accounting! Keep track of your mileage and all your expenses so you’re prepared to file required tax returns and hopefully, benefit from tax deductions. 

While some offices and teams have assistants you can access, this isn’t always the case. If paperwork isn’t your thing, and you’d rather be working with clients, consider hiring a virtual or on-site assistant to help you keep things together. 

Create a Business Plan 

Before you start any business, it’s wise to create a business plan. It will help you develop your goals, decide how you will accomplish them, keep you on track when things don’t go quite as planned. 

Remember to include SMART goals that you can re-evaluate at regular intervals: 

S – Specific 

M – Measurable 

A – Attainable 

R – Relevant 

T – Time-Sensitive 

While the goal of “being a millionaire” might be something to strive for, it might not be enough to keep you focused. A SMART goal is something you can meet, assess, and build on. A few good examples are: 

  1. I will add contact information for 100 people to my CRM in the next 30 days. 
  1. I will contact 3 people each day, for one month, and ask if they are interested in selling. 
  1. I will create a Facebook business page before November 13, and post about the local market, 3 times each week until Christmas. 
Become local area expert
Real Estate Agent Showing Homes in Local Neighborhood

Know Your Local Area 

Another quality of a successful real estate agent is having full and intimate knowledge of your local selling area. This includes pricing, trends, history, and more. An extensive analysis of the properties in your area will make it easier to choose the ones that you should be spotlighting. 

This goes hand-in-hand with having a profound understanding of home values in your area. Knowing how much your customers can afford will shape your successful marketing strategy as an agent. This is also a way to build your relationship with your buyers and understand their needs in the market. 

Start with the Best Real Estate School 

Perhaps the most important thing you need to do is enroll yourself in a top real estate school. At KW Real Estate Schools, our salesperson license courses offer expert training and all the materials you need to pass the course and prepare for the state real estate licensing exam.  

Social learners who enjoy interacting with peers and instructors can select in-class or online learning in our Group Study program. Independent learners or those who need the flexibility of self-paced learning will prefer the Fast-Track program. We’ve also got 1:1 Tutoring Packages with our instructors if you need some more support along the way. 

Study in the best real estate school

Ready to Launch 

When you’ve finished your training and passed your exam, the final step is to partner with an amazing brokerage and build your business. Get in touch today. Maybe Keller Williams is the right one for you.