Classroom or Online Learning: Which is Best for You?

Do you know what methods or environments help you learn best? When you choose KW Real Estate Schools to complete your real estate licensing training, you’ve got several flexible options. 

One of the choices you’ll need to make is how you’ll take your courses. Do you like virtual learning or in-class sessions? Many people have a preference. Which is better and why? It really depends on your learning style and your lifestyle.   

A Variety of Learning Styles 

Did you know there are many different learning styles? Learning theories vary but many researchers and psychologists point to at least 5 different ways of learning. Howard Garner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, for example, suggests the following 8 types of learners: 

  1. Visual – Visual learners process information more easily when they can see texts and images. 
  1. Aural – Sound, speech, and music are helpful tools for auditory learners who like to listen and talk in class.  
  1. Verbal – Reading, writing, and speaking help verbal learners process information. 
  1. Physical – Kinesthetic learners benefit from movement and hands-on activities while learning. 
  1. Logical – These individuals need to reason, analyze, and understand the context of the situations they are learning about. 
  1. Social – Often extroverts, these students like to socialize and learn in groups. 
  1. Solitary – These learners tend to be self-motivated and prefer learning on their own. 
  1. Naturalistic – Individuals that are in tune with nature prefer the outdoors to a classroom environment. 

Some people may find that they have a dominant style while others find they use different styles in different circumstances. Understanding the way you learn might help you choose the best method to propel you forward in your real estate career

Offline real estate course

Classroom Learning 

Classrooms provide a social environment and support multiple learning styles. If you’re an extrovert, or an auditory learner, for example, lectures may work well for you. Social and verbal learners will benefit from the discussion and the opportunities to ask questions. Group learning can help people who grasp material best by talking through a subject or question.  

At KW Real Estate Schools, the Group Study stream may be a great option if you learn best in a classroom setting and if you need more structure to push you along in your studies. We offer both in-person or online, webinar-style lessons so you can have the best of both worlds. Our courses also include a live in-class or webinar 1-Day Prep to get you ready for the California state real estate exam. 

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Online Learning 

Our digital, self-paced Fast-Track course is ideal for the individual who prefers solitary learning, especially if you are self-motivated and disciplined enough to work independently. You can work on your own schedule and learn wherever you want, whether that’s in a quiet room, a coffee shop, or the great outdoors. 

The Fast-Track program works well for people who are more introverted or those who need convenience and flexibility. It’s often a great option for adult learners who are balancing other commitments such as work and family life.  

All our courses include more than 1100 state exam practice questions that you can work through on your own or with others. Need a little 1:1 support? With the Tutor 6-Pack, one of our instructors can help you dig deeper into the material to feel more prepared for the state exam.  

Flexible Options to Meet Your Needs 

Only you can decide which type of learning will be best for you. No matter what your style or preferred environment, KW Real Schools offers something for everyone. If you’re already a real estate salesperson, we’ve got in-class and online Broker License Training or Continuing Education too. 

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