Be Our Guest

Become a real estate student for a day—for free.

Preview a sneak peek of our unique learning environment by signing up for a live class near you. Be Our Guest is an effective program that allows you to engage in an insightful lecture taught by one of our qualified real estate agent-instructors and experience being an actual student.   The world of real estate is a massive and constantly changing industry. From lack of proper guidance, many individuals miss their glowing opportunity to become a licensed agent toward developing the flourishing lifestyle they seek. Luckily, we are here to be an educational foundation for you and your future. Before you dive into enrollment and begin your training head-on, we highly encourage you to come say hello and find out more at our virtual Career Day event.

What Is It?

Similar to a free trial, we encourage potential students like you to drop by and visit a live class at a participating Keller Williams office. These classes are accessible to Group Study students only and could be your program of choice in pursuing your real estate license. It is designed to help interested individuals decide for themselves if this exclusive, audio-visual-kinesthetic learning style will be the foundation of their successful real estate career.

Why Group Study?

Group Study is a hybrid program that combines both convenient, online features and in-person components. You can access quizzes and exams easily through your student portal and get exclusive access to 2-hour live weekly classes. Give yourself the benefit of becoming a fully-immersed and attentive student by attending these interactive classes.

Act Like a Real Student

Meet the Instructor

Depending on where you’re located, you will have a chance to introduce yourself to a designated instructor and let them know you’re interested in learning real estate.

Interact with Peers

Remember, you’re acting like a real student! Our community is very friendly, so don’t hesitate to ask other students for their own experience. They could be your fellow peers.

Participate in Discussions

Contribute to classroom discussions by asking questions or sharing your own answers or opinions. We love participative people!

Take Notes

Take detailed notes about the lesson the instructor is teaching to get a preview of what you need to learn in order to get your real estate license.

Ask Question

After class, share your feedback and seek some answers from the instructor about the school or real estate in general.

I'm Ready

If You don’t need to Be Our Guest and you know this is the program for you... Let’s get you started on your way to success!